The Gingoognons contribute support to Dok Alternatibo Grand Livelihood Seminar.

Another significant event witnessed by members of Dok Alternatibo-Gingoog Branch last September 16, 2012 visualization of their Grand Livelihood Seminar led by Dok Eric Paclibar, Doctor of Ministry in Natural Healing with his colleagues Vivian Bagasbas, Natural Healing Consultant and Joy Lagas, Livelihood In-Charge.

The event initiated with an opening prayer led by Dok Eric Paclibar and followed immediately by brief opening remarks of their Livelihood In-charge and the introduction of the speaker on the said seminar.

It was designed enjoyable and successful seminar held by Dok Alternatibo Gingoog Branch for it was led by a young speaker came back from Cagayan de Oro City branch Ms. Raiza Castro, Trinidad. She laid the different classes of products in Livelihood program and the use and its benefits of everyone and to those who planned to be associated. She also discusses the various benefits of the economic advocacy of Dok Alternatibo. On the other hand, those who attend were surprised to what the speaker stated about the further use of Mix 10 coffee that it can reduce the use electricity in our home. According to Mrs. Presentacion Balaba, one of the members of the Livelihood program, she actually dropped by almost 50 percent paying her electricity when she tried this method and also Ma’am Celsa Abayon a retired elementary teacher who started her business using Dok Alternatibo products was now having her great income.