The Grand Healing and Livelihood Seminar were successfully held in S. Panal St. Infront of L.T.O, Brgy. Abgao Maasin City, last January 18, 2013 with the guest speaker Dok Glendy Sanico, DMNH and the newly appointed as National Area Supervisor of Dok Alternatibo Corporation.

The Seminar joined with almost 50 participants, 15 of them are newly attendees, while 27 of them are already members of Dok Alternatibo’s advocacy. The seminar started at around 9 am and ended at 3:30 in the afternoon. There were many surprises conducted during the said event. There are prizes given to the early birds, raffle promos from the list of attendance, and the new game called bringing a friend. The prepared foods for the said seminar were watermelon juice, banana milk, camote delight,mashed potato with egg and premix toppings.

Dok Roberto Guanzon opened the seminar with his inspirational talk. Three of the survivors gave their testimonies and experiences on how they we’re able to attain good health upon undergoing the cleansing and detoxification program of Dok Alternatibo. They were the following peolpem Mr. Paterno Pomento 77 years old, with the history of Hypertension for 20 years, arthritis, body aches and weakness, inability to sleep and walk well, Mr. Emeterio Timcang, 85 years old with the history of angina pectoris, arthritis, and ear problem, and last but not the least Mrs. Asuncion Bagolor with the history of Hypertension, peptic ulcer, goiter, cough and insomnia.

Before Dok Glendy Sanico started his lecture, Ms. Maybelle B. Cataluña discussed the Livelihood Program and gave samples of cosmetic products. Ms. Marifi Reyes gave the introduction of the Guest Speaker Dok Glendy Sanico.

Dok Glendy Sanico, discussed about colo-rectal cancer, hyperacidity, and prostate cancer. During his lecture we noted that the attendees are very attentive and asked many questions which Dok Glendy Sanico answered actively.

After the seminar Dok Glendy Sanico and Dok Roberto Guanzon conducted the free check-up and consultation.

Before the attendees departed one of them express their view “ Dok Alternatibo’s products are truly amazing” other even said “ Salamat kay Dok Edgar Delibo”. The other attendees also stated “ang saging cardaba acidic pala kapag kapag niluto (Cardava banana  can be acidic if it is being cooked.”