Guest Speaker Dok Winston Ampoloquio, DMNH

In line with the advocacy of Dok Alternatibo Corporation, with its vision “To prove to the world that all degenerative diseases can be recovered through natural healing and applying the Award-Winning Formula of Dok Alternatibo”. Dok Alternatibo Panabo Branch conducted its monthly Natural Grand Healing Seminar last September 08, 2012 at Ultrabowl, Panabo City headed by the Franchising Manager Dok Winston Ampoloquio.


The Grand Healing and Natural Seminar were attended by all Dok Alternatibo active members, survivors and new attendees invited by the members and listeners of the radio program.


The seminar starts exactly 09:00 am with a prayer led by one of the Dok Alternatibo survivor. Dok Kristy Leth Carbon, assigned DMNH of Dok Alternatibo Panabo Branch gave her welcome address, and as a part of the seminar, Gee Anne Celeste – the assigned Livelihood In-Charge interviewed some of the survivors regarding how Dok “F” Formula “7 Days fasting” can restored to health to their diseases. Six survivors given their testimonies and proved to the newly attendees that they are now free from diseases after they have undergone the seven days complete cleansing formula of Dok Alternatibo. After the patient’s testimonies, Rovegen Lagumbay, assigned NHC happily introduced the Guest Speaker “Dok Winston S. Ampoloquio, DS, DMNH”.


The Guest Speaker discussed some important topics regarding how we can improved our health, the difference between the  people’s lifestyle before and now and how it affects their health, the importance of minerals to our body and he also introduced the one day meal philosophy of Dok Alternatibo. While the lecturer was discussing some health topics, the attendees are taking down notes for the important information shared by the lecturer. There is a lively interaction between the lecturer and the attendees. Some of the attendees asked questions to the lecturer of the things they could not understand regarding health and the lecturer willingly answered it through complete details and explanation.


The seminar did not end with just a health topic discussion, but the staff of Dok Alternatibo Panabo Branch prepared some games like HALA-UTONG, APPLE EATING CONTEST, TOMATO DANCE, Q & A and gimmicks with corresponding prizes to those who will win the game. They also prepared certificate and token of appreciation for the guest speaker for sharing his expertise and knowledge as a guest speaker during their Grand Healing Seminar. Staffs also prepared and serve a nutritious snack for  everyone. They serve Camote-Rice cake (consist of mashed Sweet Potato, cooked Rice, Premix, Muscovado Sugar, Grated Coconut, and Sesame Seeds, and serve mashed Melon juice with Banana trunk juice. All of the snacks are prepared with the help of our Multi-Purpose Machine/Juicer. While the participants having their snacks/lunch, Dok Alternatibo Panabo Branch Staff give an intermission (song) number to entertain the participants. And with Dok Ed’s kindness and true service to the Panabo people, there is a BUY 1 TAKE 1 Promo to some selected herbal products during the Seminar.


The participants were very happy because of the very informative health information given by the Guest Speaker and the prizes given to them. After the seminar, Dok Kristy – assigned DMNH of Panabo conducted a free check-up and consultation at the clinic located at Teachers Village, Back of Rivera Petron Gasoline Station 1, Brgy. Sto. Niño, Panabo City.


The staff of Dok Alternatibo Panabo Branch was very thankful to the Lord for the success of another Natural Grand  Healing Seminar with one of the best lecturers of Dok Alternatibo.


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