Last March 31, 2014 (Sunday) a “Grand Healing Seminar” of Iligan outlet located in 2nd Flr. Valera Bldg., Roxas Avenue, Mahayahay, Iligan City was successfully held.

The seminar started with a prayer and followed by a welcome address of the guest speaker Glendy Sanico who introduced the topics of common diseases that we can acquire during the summer season and introduces the natural way of treatment of these kinds of diseases where he also demonstrated how to make natural sushi using the multi-purpose juicer. The loyal members who were Mr. Cornelio Dagaas Sr., Mrs.  Consorcia  Mabao  and  Mrs.  Wilma Minardo had shared their testimonies with gratitude during the seminar.

Mrs.  Anacorita  Gabo, one of the member of Iligan Outlet for the livelihood program, testify that Dok F Formula was  a  very  big  help  on  her since  she  used  it , she can now live a normal life  as  what  she  expected  and  all  the  members  of  her  family  benefited  the  good  effects  of  the said  formula . She claimed also that the Fulvic minerals helped them to avoid illnesses.

During the free drops of Fulvic minerals, Tawa-tawa eyedrops and H-A-plus activity they were able to prepare  foods and drinks such as  tanglad juice, natural sushi  that came from  rice  with  mango and  carrots  with  garlic  toppings.

All members of Iligan outlet enjoyed the said seminar where they were able to avail the “Papromo” of herbal products during the event. As a whole the event concludes with a total satisfaction and blissful faces from all the attendees.