“Most people are educated way beyond their level of obedience.”

This is an exciting and challenging time in the world of alternative medicine. The winds of change and improvement as the Christmas season arises are moving swiftly through the hallways of Dok Alternatibo in the country. For some, these winds are like summer breeze that open the doors to new possibilities. For others, they signal the onset of a caterpillar that is ready to bloom to a beautiful butterfly.

It has been observed that these days “Dok Alternatibo Group of Companies does not count the successes done, but those little accomplishments; they do not pray for public cooperation and assistance, but only for some trust; they don’t strive to be glorified but to introduce and impart to the crowd the credibility and a life there isin herbal healing.

For DACORP draws on not just the expertise of handling people and jobs but installing to each persona working, the legitimate power of character. As they were taught and undergone their way of metamorphosis in which harness them from a caterpillar they once were to something they don’t imagine to become.

As I stretch each of my nerve to blend into this colorful world I was reminded to take control. As you can view, even the best alternate that a wisest individual could think, still there exists a waterloo in it. Therefore, the success of the corporation still greatly relies on how committed an aspirant to his job, and what character he shows to the public in order to gain the trust and confidence of the society he decided to live.

Dok Alternatibo is yearning far beyond expected, months from now, we will exceed even the top. It is apt for us then to set our mind that our passion offers no leeway. It is well nothing that to win our cause, we should win the hearts and minds of the community we serve. We should be the one to inspire and motivate rather than intimidate and manipulate. However, with the kind of work we have, we should not be discourage for we have given the function, more than ordinary people perform. To gist, the best gift we can offer is the satisfaction and trust for this is the cause of our existence. This will be ultimate, for we can offer a lot more than what they consider. For this is only one of our million as we continue to soar being the country’s No. 1!