“The Man who made the difference,” is Dok Edgar Lozada Delibo himself. From the simple, rural and humble beginnings in his native town, the City of Digos, Dok Ed, as many fondly called him, now conquers the most complicated yet perplexing world of business both local and international.

He first made the difference as he dared to surmount the complexities of the world of inventions and introduced, sometime four (4) years ago, the alternative medicine practice as a way of life through his Dok Alternatibo Company, a very young and promising enterprise, from his very place which sprouted by leaps and bounds to almost all parts of this country and in the world soon, where service is real and a deep heart for the patients and clients is absolute.

I’ve known this man for few months since I joined his company, yet, as we continue to exchange views and words from time to time, I am honestly convinced that he is indeed a Man of Wisdom. Aside from his extraordinary intelligence, incomparable dedication and commitment as alternative medicine practitioner which helped a lot of our “kababayans” solved their health problems, I am personally amazed of how he manages and motivates his employees working for his company from any point of this country.

A man of vision. Although Managers are often regarded as Doers and Man of Action, Dok Ed is foremost a visionary. He runs all facets of the Dok Alternatibo organization with a vision of the future. He always emphasizes that he is not only working for the present but he is toiling hard for the next 50-100 years of the company’s existence. In that duration of time, he does not want to grow alone, but he wants to grow with his employees. He wants them to be like him and to duplicate his legacy of goodness. Sacrifice, as a value, is always a factor to greatness. For him “in order to attain genuine success, sacrifice temporarily and enjoy its fruits permanently.”

Wisdom. The Multi-awarded Filipino Inventor of herbal, beauty and natural farming products wishes to underscore that what is important in life is not only skills, expertise, technicalities and knowledge but it should be wisdom, a mind and a heart that understand and transcend beyond what is usual and worldly. Try to listen to him and discover how he convincingly touches people.

Servant leader. Dok Ed leads by setting example. He served the people with unceasing passion since he started his vocation as a Doctor of Ministry in Alternative Medicine up to this moment, yet nothing has ever made him falter.

Obedience. He said “obedience is not difficult.”He told us further that “man by nature is submissive and hence, man will be acting against his very nature if he chooses to be disobedient.” Truly, a profound word from a great leader.

Humility. In his healing ministry, he never had claimed that he, as a person and inventor, healed the thousands of people from their sickness from all around this country and even some parts of the world, he always accentuated his being an instrument of God to heal people using the natural way through His blessings.

Decision maker. As a leader, he always make wise decisions. Wise decisions are made after an internal evaluation and reflections of the scenario. Employees are always encouraged to keep trust and use money or resources wisely. An effective element of decision making is the endeavour to win. “In order to win, one should face problems and burdens in life,.” Dok Ed stressed.

Duplication. As the highest authority of the company, he does embolden the people particularly his employees to emulate his goodness, a key to success. This is where the thrust of DAHMAI originates “Your goodness is the key to success.”

Responsibility. Responsibility is owning a responsibility. To be responsible is doing things through God’s will and power.

Internal stability. Standing still amidst external and internal pressures is possible only if one has been able to develop an internal stability. It is something that is not taught, it is established through the constancy of prayer. Dok Ed popularized the principle and discipline of “1 meal a day”. Adopting the said norm is not calvary, it is nature and everybody should embrace it.


To tap it all, Dok Ed always aspired to impart to us the secret formula of his successful management career. First, that everything happens not by chance but for a reason. Second, that right attitude is obligatory, for this reason, we should allow ourselves to be consumed by the system that he purposely prepared. Third, to be a model of real service is serving our patients as creations of God. Finally, our unending search for the meaning of our lives will not be that worthy without God. Just like the simple Dok Alternatibo formula, to follow God, we must deny ourselves and carry our cross.

More of Dok Ed’s remarkable philosophies as we journey with Dok Alternatibo.

By: Clovis Jones Louis C. Sabornido
Publishing Department Head