It is true that prevention is better than cure. Heart disease could be a deadly one if not given urgent attention or preventive measures. In fact, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there are 26.6 million adults diagnosed with heart disease in the US. However, there are beneficial herbs that help us protect our heart from malfunctioning.

Based on research grapes consumption is good for the heart because it is a good source of flavonoids that fight the risk of cardiovascular disease, heart muscle damage, and high blood pressure. It was also found that grapes contain high levels of anti-oxidants that reduce the fibrosis occurrence, hypertensive heart failure and heart muscle enlargement, and also improve the diastolic pressure of the heart. Source: http://www.herbs-info.com/herbs-for-heart.html. Thus, grapes are not only a delicious fruit but eating this can prevent a deadly heart disease.

On the other hand, Dok F Squalene is a natural substance which is good for the heart. It was obtained from fish oil and shark liver oil, and fish oil is helpful in reducing the risk of heart attack. Not only that, squalene is an anti-oxidant that prevents the formation of age spots hence it makes you looking younger. It also promotes cell growth and anti-bacterial. Squalene also contains elements that boost your immune system and linked to anti-cancer treatments.

So, start loving grapes now because consuming it will help you prevent heart disease. And don’t forget to take squalene everyday because it also prevents and cures heart problem. For more information regarding health you can visit our website www.dokalternatibo.org