Director Josue Go while having his Lecture during the Prayer Meeting

Spiritual aspect of LIFE shall be updated every now and then to commit more ourselves  to our Creator who never leaves us despite of our sin especially for the repeatable sin we commit as human being.

Every Tuesday (once a week) at the DAHMAI Training Center of Dok ALternatibo R&D building int the street of Estrada 6th of Digos City weekly prayer meeting is conducted conducted in order to enhance and maintain the good relationship of God to every employees who are willing to listen the words of the Lord.

Director Josue Go (NTC Region XI Director) currently leading  the said event  and always sharing his personal experiences and factual thoughts with regards to the every single word written in the Holy Bible. Since Prayer is our communication to our God Almighty Director Go explained further and emphasized the benefits of calling and talking to God during trouble and happiness. Many inputs were given from the speaker that were totally appreciated by the listeners who were office staffs and laboratory workers of Dok Alternatibo in Digos City.


This prayer meeting is always conducted every Tuesday once a week. This kind of  bible study was initiated to strengthen more the FAITH and strong relationship of the employees to the Creator. Any kind of religion is welcome to discuss and share their beliefs as long as it does not degraded the beliefs and doctrine of others.


Bibles were distributed to every employee from the Gideons organization to let them read wherever they are the message and love of God.