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“If the epilepsy attacks me, I felt so differently, my body seems like to heavy and my head so painful. Then, I can’t remember anything, if I am walking or not. My epilepsy attacked me 4 times a day. My head is so painful, heavy and cramping.”

“But that was before, now my illness is already gone and absolutely no more. It was my aunt who told us to take Dok Alternatibo Products because it’s very effective. Her child recovered by using the products of Dok Alternatibo. My aunt told me to take and just follow the instructions given by them. Therefore, I followed it.”

 “I had undergone cleansing for two weeks. During the first week of my cleansing I did not lose weight yet. After two weeks of cleansing I lose weight already. That was the time I started taking Fulvic. My weight before was 80 kilograms but now it’s already in 55 kilograms or something like that.”

 “I feel much better now.  If you feel you will not able to recover then you will be disappointed. You need to sacrifice enable to follow the steps of healing then you will totally recover. This will help to make well our illnesses. I really feel so differently now, unlike before I feel so heavy but now my body feel lighter.”

“Everybody should listen because this is true, I’m not lying. I recovered. I sacrifice this kind of sickness before but now I recovered totally.”

“For those who have not yet taken, come over here at Dok Alternatibo. No need for you to go to another Doctor and take synthetic drugs. Come to Dok Alternatibo because it is cheaper and effective. We stayed here in Dok Alternatibo because they are initiating an activity that can also help us.”

 “Dok, thank you so much because my illness is very unusual and it’ was so difficult to deal with. It was so painful before but now I totally recovered. I am comfortable now than before. I was too heavy before but now I’m lightened. Thank you very much Dok”.

“This is Harley Dave Tapia, 12 years old from Padada, Davao Del Sur”