Water is good for our body. But according to health expert craving too much water is an early symptom of diabetes, a kind of thirst which coupled by excessive urination. If someone has diabetes, the extra sugar builds up in his blood, and his kidneys need to filter and absorb that sugar so the kidneys have to work extra hard. But sometimes the kidneys can’t keep up, so the extra sweet stuff diverted into the urine which means when frequent pee breaks, it’s in turn leave him thirsty for more water. Thus, if you have this feeling of excessive thirst then you should aware because you have a symptom of diabetes.

Having diabetes indicates that our body isn’t utilizing enough insulin. According to International Diabetes Federation (IDF), there are 371 million people who suffered diabetes worldwide. Researchers estimate that by 2030 the diabetes dilemma will increase to 552 million people who will have the disease. Source: http://www.cbsnews.com/ In fact, this is the seventh leading cause of death in the US.

Since diabetes is a deadly disease we should increase awareness on how it can be controlled and prevented. To think that diabetes can also cause a lot of health complications like blindness, kidney failure, nerve damage, heart disease, and stroke. However, to reduce the risk of diabetes it is advisable that everyone should be physically active with daily exercise, eat fruits and vegetables and reduce the saturated fats and sugar intake, and avoid smoking because it increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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Image source: http://img.mailchimp.com/, http://modernsurvivalblog.com/

By: Miraflor Artiaga