Nabunturan Survivors in Digos City Laboratories

By: Krisna Ponce

Dok alternatibo Nabunturan branch expressed their heartfelt gratitude that they had given a chance to tour at Dok Alternabo facilities in Digos City through the fieldtrip program of 1 ASAPPP Movement in partnership with Dok Alternatibo Corporation.

The group arrived at the RDF Building around 9 o’clock in the morning. While they had their few minutes rest, they enjoyed themselves having mix 10 coffee and the others continue the registration in the registration area. Around 9:30 in the morning the program proper started with a prayer, opening remarks was given by Publishing Coordinator, Glennuel Reyes, followed by the presentation of the company profile, and the do’s and don’ts during the tour.

After the program the participants proceed to the laboratory 1 as their first destination with the PBN Team as they documented the tour. When they went to the Demo Farm of Dok Alternatibo where the herbal plants was planted and the naturally raised livestock is located they were really amazed for they witness personally how Dok Alternatibo promotes the organic agriculture by feeding those animals in the farm with organic and natural homemade feeds as well as the plantation of natural herbal plants without using any chemical fertilizers.

The day of the participants totally completed when they reached to the laboratories and witnessed the actual operation of making the products, they have seen how the medicines processed and produced.

Dok Mary Cris D. Belingan, Doctor in-charge of Dok Alternatibo Nabunturan Branch, gladly expressed her thankful message to Dok Alternatibo office staffs as they experienced and witnessed the actual preparation of Dok Alternatibo laboratories as well as the natural farming of demonstration farm located in Tiguman.

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