In so many cases, people tend not to worry about the kind of food they eat because it is the taste bud that decides not the intellect. Why I say so? Because taste bud is  motivated by the decision of our neurotransmitters -dopamine that acts as brain’s reward center. Dopamine and reward are at the heart of addiction. So,  what they go after is the taste of the food and not the value and benefits they get.

Food addiction has been a serious problem  in the same way as drug addiction whether legal or illegal .

They are relatively identical in nature because addiction happens in the same areas in the brain, the same neurotransmitters are affected and same symptoms are felt by both addicts.

Now,  a great breakthrough must happen when deciding to shift to natural foods.  Have a thought to try it?  Why keep worrying  about the effect of food additives when there’s already an alternative?

Dok Alternatibo’s products are  100%  organic and natural, without any  trace of  chemicals. No doubt that it makes you healthy than  you have been before. One of these is Vitamin B-complex which maintains  stamina while fights off different virus and bacteria identified to be a destructive force to your good cells. It contains soya beans, sunflower seeds  and whole grain wheat  containing fiber, carbohydrates and phytochemicals that when taken  every two hours, you can manage your binge-eating habit or food addiction.  Why not try  now!

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