turmeric edited

By: Joy Quijano

Turmeric helps in improving memory and fights early stage of diabetes. It also lessens the risks of cognitive impairment such as dementia.  From Monash Asia Institute at Monash University Emeritus professor Mark Wahlqvist said that early detection and intervention of diseases can help reduce the burden. Wahlqvist led a study in Taiwan that tested the memory of men and women aged 60 and older who had been diagnosed with untreated pre-diabetes. The study also pointed that diabetes and dementia are related. People who suffer dementia also have high blood sugar level. Participants of the said study were given one gram of turmeric during breakfast as part of their diet.

The result was improved working memory for six hours . Turmeric has curcumin which accounts for 3 to 6% in reducing the risk of dementia. Turmeric is also a consistent component in helping in disordered energy metabolism and insulin resistance. Turmeric has also been a part of holistic healing propelled by Dok Alternatibo in Rejuvenation Program, and ingredient of Mix 10 Herbal Coffee by Multi-awarded Filipino Inventor  Dok Edgar Delibo has been a firm believer of the wonders of turmeric as a cure to the many ailments caused by the wrong choice of food and lifestyle.

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