Delma Mercado

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“Before I came here and had a checked up in Dok Alternatibo, my health complaint was what they called frozen shoulder. I already visited different Doctors. I experienced rehab and I took a lot of of medicines. I suffered that kind of condition for 4 years. I had gone through checked up with different doctors already.”

“Sometimes there was a tendency that I ‘m going to get well however there was also a time that my illness will come back. When I knew that there’s Dok Alternatibo here in Cagayan De Oro, I immediately decided to come over here at Dok Alternatibo clinic.”

“Once in a while I saw my neighbor and I wondered why he’s having one liter of water every morning. So I asked him what he’s doing. He replied …“this is my medicine, in Dok Alternatibo this is the kind of medicine that they prescribed…” he also told me that he’s going through cleansing.”

“I was really surprised because imagine “cleansing!” I knew that cleansing is the best procedure base on the books that I had read before that there’s a new way of treating sickness, the detoxification or cleansing. I was so excited during that time so I came with here in Cagayan De Oro and had a wellness consultation immediately. The Alternative Doctor found out that I have arthritis in my arms.”

“I undergone cleansing program good for 7 days but in just 3 days I noticed that the pain in my arms already gone and even the pain in my back. The pain in my back also affected and very painful but the pain is gone in just 3 days of cleansing. So I continuously have my cleansing formula for 7 days until all the pain in my arms was totally gone. I can move my two arms freely already and now I feel so energetic and active.”

“Before, if I go to work it was so easy for me to become exhausted. Even if I went here in Cagayan De Oro, I was so scared if I’m alone because I might suddenly collapse. But now since I took the products of Dok Alternatibo, even I wandered from morning until evening in the mall, I wasn’t tired anymore. This is because the formula that I followed here at Dok Alternatibo. They taught us the proper and healthy diet.”

“I followed the instructions. So, I avoided all kinds of food that can give us into unhealthy body. That’s why here in Dok Alternatibo, I gain a huge change from the poor and unhealthy body to a very active and healthy body. I am very energetic because of  Dok Alternatibo.”

“For those who have not attempt yet, I am encouraging you to come over here at Dok Alternatibo clinic. We must take their cleansing formula because this is very good for our body. This is the only formula which is complete. You might be heard other herbal products but their formula is not complete. Here in Dok Alternatibo the formula is complete. Aside   from the formula that we learned from them, we also learn the proper diet, proper health because they conducted seminar regularly and giving us information to become healthy.”

“The livelihood program is also an advantage for me. I am a member of the elite group. Because of this program, I gain profits in addition to my monthly income. I also sell our products so that I can help other people living in Claveria because Cagayan de Oro is far-away. Instead they will buy here in Cagayan de Oro they will look for me there and buy the products of Dok Alternatibo.

“It is very fine, although I’m not the one dealing the products because I have my own dealers in our place. Aside from extra income, I can also give earnings to those who are not yet employed because I gave them the authority to deal the products.”

“We are so happy about your livelihood program because you give us the opportunity to have extra income. Then aside from extra income you gave us the right food which is ready to use most especially our mix 10 which is very salable in our place. That’s why this is a great help to us.

“To all Dok Alternatibo, most specially Dok Edgar Delibo. “I am very thankful that you invented different kinds of herbal products for us users to become healthy”.  I am very thankful also that you didn’t hide your knowledge and skills instead you spread it out for all of us.”

“And to all the staff of Dok Alternatibo, I am very thankful for your good service and updated information you have given us. More power to all of you.”

“I am Delma Pastoril Mercado, from Claveria Misamis Oriental. 61 years old.”