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“Before it was very hard for me to wake up in the morning, I couldn’t get up easily because it brought me so much pain especially in my knees.  It so difficult to walk, I just make it slowly by slowly because my legs were also pain. I could not ride the LRT because the set of steps of going there is far.  I said to myself “Oh God, I think it’s only in my dreams that I can ride the LRT.”

“During the time when the LRT had a bombing incident, I thought that the operation had to stop already. So, I was thinking that I could not have the chance to ride anymore the LRT.”

“I also had gout. Aside from being an acidic because I can also felt the inflammation in my stomach, perhaps the reason why I became an acidic because of the synthetic medicines I took every day way back then for how many years yet it didn’t lessen my ailment.”

“The pain was still there until my heart was also affected. Moreover, I discovered another illness in the inner part of my thigh. I found out that there are lumps growing in my groin. I washed it oftentimes but it worsens until the lumps had bruises and developed into wounds. I was not able to sleep due to the intense pain. I always asked help and cried to my husband.”

“When I went to Dok Alternatibo, they taught me a lot.  I went home with 1 set of cleansing. I am very thankful to God because in just two days the effect was really good. The reaction of my body to the herbal Medicine of Dok Alternatibo was excellent! The lumps of my groin were alleviated in just two days of cleansing. Aside from that I slept deeply the whole night.”

“When I finished my 7 days cleansing, a lot of people told me that I really look so nice and blooming. When they asked me what I did, I told them that I undergone cleansing formula of Dok Alternatibo.  I really feel so good with myself now because I could not feel the pain in my body anymore. I followed the formula therefore my health totally restored.”

“Now, I know that my health is very fine because when I went back to the Medical Doctor for check-up he did not saw any problems with my health anymore. Now I can stroll to any places because I am already strong unlike before.”

“That’s why I am very thankful to God because of Dok Alternatibo. Now, I can already travel using LRT as a means of my transportation. I thought it will just stay in my dream but it became a reality. To all the people who did not visit yet the Dok Alternatibo, I just wanted to advise you especially if you have illness in your body, don’t hesitate to visit to Dok Alternatibo outlets. You will not regret because the products are so effective and I believe that you will become healthier too”.

“The advocacy of Dok Ed is very good. The products that he invented will help us a lot. That’s why I did not think twice just to come here in Dok Alternatibo for the treatment of my illness. Please don’t be in love with your diseases don’t take care of it!”

(Travelling to Dok Alternatibo manufacturing Plant, Digos City, Davao del Sur)

“Yes! Really our trip was amazing. I told my friends that I really wanted to stay here in Davao City. The people are so nice; they treated us like we are very special people. And thank you to all of you for your warm welcome to us.”

“Now, I can prove it to myself that Dok Alternatibo is true and I am very thankful to God.”

“I am one that blessed by God because I was able to enter the house of the owner of Dok Alternatibo,   Dok Ed, he welcomes us very kindly. I’ll go back to Manila with unforgettable and good experience here in Davao City.”

“I am Angelina Reyes, 46 years old, from Binondo Manila.”