Former Teacher – Librarian
Natural Farming & Health Advocate

“ Here in DokAlternatibo I experienced a lot of healing miracles. I used to have a Carpal Tunnel andscheduled for operation since almost all the things that I carried were falling because I have no longer had a control. It was very painful when my ailment attacks me.

“Do you know how I was relieved? By only using 4 packs of B-complex and all was gone! Long time ago, I used to have a hypertensive and diabetic before but now it is normal already. I have arthritis too when it was attacking me it seems like I’m having a bone cancer. As I continue taking B-Complex and other formula of DokAlternatibo all the pain that I felt had gone. I can even dance now.”

“There was a commotion inside the Gallbladder Ultrasound Room, where I always had my checked-up, do you know why? It’s because the gallstones that they had observed growingwas gone!”

“My mental ability is now totally improved. I was shocked because I was not expecting for the cleansing. I thought that rejuvenation is only focuson Natural Farming, whichmy son Adrian wanted to observe. I have gone through a lot, 1 month and 3 months cleansing recently and it had been added by another 1 week here, I can feel now that I am totally cleansed.”

“I thank the Lord, I’m cleansed. I am now giving my pledge to DokAlternatibo. I pledge that I will be a vegetarian through my whole life.”

“Thank you so much for welcoming us and for the very good service. Thank you Lord!”

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