Health Advocate – DMNH

 “First of all I am very thankful most especially to our almighty God for the good life that he provided to each one of us. So, thank you Lord for the life that we have right now”.

“Second, I am very thankful of course to Dok Ed and his family. Thank you very much Dok and also to the management team, thank you so much and of course to all of you, thank you very much for the opportunity and trust that you gave to us.”

“I am overwhelmed with joy, I am so happy. I am hoping that all the things that we learned from here must be applied to ourselves. We must know and understand the goals in our life, if you want to become successful.”

“Determination is very important, courage to plan and action. We should put not only in our minds but also in our hearts then share to other people too.”

“Thank you very much and please give a big round of applause to Dok Ed. Thank you so much Dok for all the knowledge that you shared to us and for all the learning that we acquired”.

“I know that all the skills that we acquired and learned from here should also be shared to everybody. Whether he is young or old we must treat everyone evenly.”

“Wherever we go we must share our skills and knowledge that we learned from here in Dok alternatibo. Thank you very much.”