The Grand Healing Seminar and Grand Opening of Wellness Center Naga Branch were successfully held last January 23, 2013 at #135-A Peñafrancia Avenue Naga City, where the clinic is also located. Registration started at 8:00 in the morning headed by Ms. Heidy del Rosario and Ms. Iriz Kay Olleres. At around 8:30 in the morning , there was a motorcade that happened along the main streets of Naga City escorted by the police mobile , with the clinic staffs (Dok Rhea Garcia and Vash Rojano) , the wellness staff nurses , and with the special participation of our guest speaker and the livelihood / herbal members. After the motorcade, clinic and wellness center were blessed by Rev. Fr. Chavez as the priest presider, ribbon cutting was conducted by Dok Winston Ampoloquio. The seminar proper formally started at 9:30 in the morning and ended at 6:00 in the evening.

Dok Winston Ampoloquio,DMNH the guest speaker for the grand healing seminar shared the insights and discussed various topics like cancer and its prevention, tongue analysis, and he also conducted a motivational seminar for livelihood program. He also shared some recipes like on how to make banana milk and other green leafy vegetables salads. Foods are prepared early in the morning , organic brown rice were served, fried tofu with carrots, potato and raisins on it plus the lemongrass juice in which the attendee’s liked it so much and they were amazed that lemongrass can be served as juice. They even asked on how to prepare the said juice.

Promos and contests were also prepared; buy one take one promo on herbal products, salad making contest and first ten early comers for the loyal members.

After the awarding, Dok Rhea Garcia and Dok Winston Ampoloquio conducted the free consultation to the patients, particularly, Dok Winston Ampoloquio assessed the new patients, and Dok Rhea Garcia is in- charged for follow up check-ups assisted by Ms. Vash Rojano, NHC. Wellness staff nurses also invited and encouraged the attendees regarding the wellness center. Photos and Videss documentation during the entire seminar were taken by the wellness staff nurses, Ms.Mae- Ann Bustenera and Ms. Iriz Kay Olleres  and also by the livelihood in charge Ms. Heidy Del Rosario.

Aforesaid, Dok Alternatibo is the award winning herbal formula that relieves all kinds of degenerative diseases and help hopeless sick people all over the world.