The very first grand healing back to back with livelihood and scholarship program seminar for this year successfully happened last January 22, 2013 at Door 8, Terminal Building 1, Capantawan, Legazpi City near the Legazpi City Public Market headed by Doctor of Ministry in Natural Healing (DMNH), Dok Winston Ampoloquio.

Every participant was so excited and they were all eager to learn new ideas from the respected resource person. The staffs of the said clinic was amazed that by this time instead of having regular clients as their early birds it was new faces or walk in were the first people to come.

The survivors shared their experiences to the first timers. As waiting for the seminar to be started, Miss Kath Ramirez, NHC had a short talk with the new client and asked her what made her decide to attend the seminar she simply answered “Ma’am, I wanted to be healed and live a life away from diseases, I tried so many medicines I’d been to many hospitals and operated, our savings were all left and this situation paved the way for so many loans I and my whole family were into.” After hearing her story, Miss Kath Ramirez or so called the consultant of the said clinic told her that she must listen well and she must open her mind and heart so that ideas will be absorbed very well.

Seminar started at 9:30AM, everyone was happy and enjoyed every learning they gained. The active members help prepared the all-in-one meal. Served them with good food- the very famous root crop delight matched with a very delicious drink- melon and banana stem juice mixed with Dok Alternatibo’s healthy inventions.

The participants stated that the seminar was favorable to everyone, it was humanizing, and educating and it cleared up things that other health workers were not able to explain. Seminar end up at 3:30PM and total number of participants reached more than 50. Free check up and consultation was given by the guest speaker Dok Winston Ampoloquio, DMNH.

“I am happy and satisfied to what you’ve taught us, I will use this knowledge and I promise to share this to others. We should have no doubt at it”. –Mrs. Tayam.