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The products of Dok Alternatibo are all good as it helps my family and relatives even my clients too. The most marketable product to me is the Haplus. With the nature of my work I am reflexologist and massage therapist, it is the ointment that I use to my customers. When I apply Haplus to the aching part of their body they’re buying the product.

To Dok Alternatibo especially to Dok Ed I am thankful that there is an outlet here in Lipa. I am now one of the users of cosmetics their products and I already proven that they are all naturally effective.

It gives a big help to my family. I am earning also as I sell their products and all of the customer I have are really satisfied and they keep on buying to me as they once tried the products of Dok Alternatibo.

I am Dinah Malabanan, 46 years old living in Brgy. Gonzales, Laoag City.