Distribution Officer

“Honestly, before I was not yet working here in Dok Alternatibo I had an ailment. I believe that most of our illnesses today are cause to the common food that we eat. I heard from the radio of Dok Alternatibo that the chemicals in our food today are hazardous and the drugs now are mostly synthetic. Most people like to take synthetic drugs. I had an arthritis before which is a very common illness.”

“I voluntarily present myself to do this testimony so that other people here in Cagayan de Oro will know.”

“Before, it was very easy for me to acquire illness because of the unhealthy food that I use to eat. If I compare today where I am more disciplined already, the natural and healthy food is just in our surroundings. I am now happy because I attended the rejuvenation program seminar although I’m already working here in Dok Alternatibo.”

“This is the first time that it ever happened here in Dok Alternatibo. Thus  it encourages me and challenges me not only in physical needs but also emotional and financial problems. In spiritual I don’t have any problem because I am serving God in my life already. But though I am already serving God I still needed to gain knowledge and understand the secret that we should plant so that we can harvest and we should share also our knowledge to others too.”

“I am very thankful to Dok Alternatibo because they gave me a chance to apply in my life the secret for my desires; by saying thanks to God because he is the one who made us all our strength and knowledge. Everything came from God. I also need to practice myself. We had a mentality to always ask something to others. We need to change that mentality.  We should share the things that we had but it’s not proper to give those people who always ask because that makes them lazy. If we give them then it must have a purpose and educate them to change their mentality.”

“By attending the rejuvenation seminar, it really helped and improved my awareness.  There are lots of inputs like positive mindset and knowledgeable things that I learned. I had a carnal mind before, stressful and lonely. All these things can produce diseases.”

“I heard over the radio about hormonal imbalance. There are hormones for positive mindset and negative mindset. If I join the negative hormones it will give ailments to our body however the positive way will give the encouragement.”

“That’s why I’m very thankful for the rejuvenation seminar because it really gives a motivational value in my life. Although I already experience in other part of motivational seminar in Christianity, coaching and workshop, I still feel the blessings that I had with the additional knowledge and wisdom that I learn through motivational seminar-   Dok Ed. I am very thankful to Dok Ed for being an instrument in my life now. I must absolutely share my knowledge to other people too.”

“To all listeners, viewers & readers my brothers and sisters don’t hesitate to attend the coaching seminar by the Multi-Awarded Frlipino Inventor – Dok Edgar Delibo, DMAM. This happened twice a year all over the Philippines in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. You can visit the wellness center of Dok Alternatibo near to your place for more information regarding the said seminar.”

“I am Harold Forcadilla, 40 years old from Patag, Cagayan De Oro City. I am working here in Dok Alternatibo Corporation as a Senior Distribution Officer to a lot of stores here in Cagayan De Oro City.”