“After two biopsies it was found out that I have serious health problem. It was so painful for me and those who love me. I thought of death and so many negative things. I learned Dok Alternatibo holistic healing through Facebook then I visited Dok Alternatibo Center. Now that I am here in Rejuvenation Treatment and Coaching Program I was truly amused and happy because I learned how to take care of my health. The vitamin C infusion also made me so alert and rejuvenated. Dok Ed’s Coaching was so fruitful and it goes directly to my heart. I was inspired and became a positive person. I became disciplined in my diet and embrace holistically healthy living. Stress and negative emotions led me into diseases and Dok Ed taught me about forgiveness as a sign of healthy person. I was cleansed and detoxified. I hope this good news reach a lot of people who need this kind of healing. Dok Ed encourages us to win over our negativity and diseases. Try this program and see for yourself. Healing comes from within and with our cooperation. I believe that we can be healthy and happy at the same time”

Anacleto Abarquez, 30 years old, seaman from Lipa City, Batangas