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“Before I went to Dok Alternatibo, I was confined in the hospital two (2) times, I collapsed for two (2) times, then I was confined again for five (5) days, the findings for my disease was Ventricular Tachycardia.”

“The next week after being admitted I was confined again because I felt the fast palpitation and I am about to collapse once more, I even lost my consciousness and they used an electric shock for me. In the morning, they brought me to the heart center. I was putted in the intensive care unit (ICU) before they’ve done an angiogram for me and thank God they did not found any lump in my Heart but the fast palpitation was still there.”

“When we went home from the Heart Center, I told my son Marlon, that we will go to Dok Alternatibo because I am willing to undergo their Cleansing.”

“This disease that I suffered from just started for about two (2) months but the heart attack is still continuous. Instead of going high it will do the opposite thing for my blood pressure that resulted from normal to low blood pressure and suddenly I’ve lost my heart beat or it will beat faster that’s why sometimes I collapsed and lost my consciousness. I already lost my consciousness for three (3) times.”

“I am an avid listener of Dok Alternatibo when they still in the DCXL and lately in Radio Veritas. It is already my routine that before 2 o’clock in the morning I will wake up since our business is to sell livestock in the wet market. Even when I’m taking a bath I am listening to the radio.”

“When I came here in Dok Alternatibo I did not take any synthetic medicines anymore, I only take food that Dok Alternatibo gave me within one week in order to restore my health.”

“My fast palpitation has gone, my sudden dizziness has gone as well and my tummy becomes slimmer. My body now is in very Good condition. Before, I used to fear for the fast palpitation because it leads me to collapse.”

“To all the people who want to restore their health, you should go to Dok Alternatibo because here, instead of taking drugs that your medical doctor will give you in Dok Alternatibo they will only recommend purely natural, good for the body medicines and it will totally heal illnesses. I thank Dok Alternatibo for its existence for they’re able to help many people who are suffering from different kind of diseases like in my case. Thank you!”

“I am Florante P. Salvador 63 years old, a residence of Virgara Namayan, Mandaluyong City.”