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“It’s been a long time that I suffered a lot from my illness hemorrhoid for almost about 12 years.  I often experienced pain in my waist. When I undergone laboratory checked it have found out that I have a high creatinine level which was not normal and it was also detected that I had a kidney stone. Then one day I experienced high fever, I couldn’t get up and even felt intense pain in my joints. My hemorrhoid had swollen and it was bleeding at the same time. That’s why during the first time I attended the seminar of Dok Alternatibo, I was informed about detoxification program and right eating habits.”

“The first time I attended the grand healing seminar I was still in doubt, I only observed but I already purchased Fulvic minerals and HAPlus. I just continued to listen to the radio; I couldn’t understand why every three (3) o’clock in the morning I was able to wake up and monitored the program of Dok Alternatibo. I heard a lot of testimonies that convinced to believe.”

“Thus, I went back to the wellness center. I undergone cleansing program for three (3) days, that’s what I did first then I continue taking activated charcoal and Fulvic until now. I am in good health now. I recovered totally because I can barely feel the difference from before when I was still suffering from my illness. The herbal medicines of Dok Alterbatibo really help me a lot to ease my hemorrhoid. My hemorrhoid now had already gone. Unlike before I used a lot of synthetic medicines and I even bought some creams but nothing happened.”

“Today, I am not taking any kind of synthetic drugs for my kidney stone anymore. All are normal now and according to the result of my laboratory test I am now negative for kidney stone. I almost cried because of my happiness. ”

“My message to all the people who do not believe to Dok Alternatibo yet, instead of visiting often times to your doctor and buy different kinds of synthetic medicines. Try to attend the seminar here in Dok Alternatibo. You can observe first if you want it’s up to you.  If we really understand the healing of alternative medicines especially here at Dok Alternatibo, It’s not impossible. Just discipline yourself, listen and follow the formula.”

“To the livelihood, all the products like HAPlus, Mix 10 and Cosmetics are all effective. That’s all and I hope that all of you also could have the same chance to testify like us now. We are very grateful that we had the opportunity to visit here in Davao City for Dok Alternatibo laboratory and manufacturing plant.”

“I can’t believe how big and beautiful the plantation and laboratory of Dok Alternatibo. I did not expect that it will be as big as like this. I am so happy now. The days of our visitation here is not enough for me. I really wanted to stay more days. I don’t want to go back in Manila yet (laughs). ”

“I am Melinda Marasigan, 49 years old from Sta. Rosa 1 Marilao, Bulacan.”