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“Before I had so many illnesses, I always experienced headache before and after my menstruation, my throat was like squeezing and my chest seems like always in pain, I always experience dysmenorrhea, I always feel hunger even if I just already ate, I also had hemorrhoid that requires me to undergo operation and I could hardly stand and walk because of my condition.”

“With these illnesses I decided to undergo the cleansing formula of Dok Alternatibo, after taking the cleansing formula I noticed that all my illnesses and diseases were gone that is why I greatly believe that this cleansing formula could bring a big help for many people. Actually my husband had undergone also the said formula because he used to have diabetes. In our house we use the products of Dok Alternatibo as our maintenance (healthy maintenance). I also referred my sister who has rheumatic heart disease to the formula and also my brother who had problems with his health. We are happy that all of us found the products of Dok Alternatibo. We are using the product since year 2011 until now.”

“Every morning I drink 1 liter of water with Fulvic Minerals and Wild Honey. Our refrigerator has chili and we intake chili regularly with Dok A, even my four year old son is taking these naturally made medicines too. I can say that my family is so blessed because we are able to maintain our good health with the help of Dok Alternatibo-from God. I am so thankful to God for making an instrument Dr. Edgar L. Delibo in blessing him the wisdom that all naturally made things in this world could actually help people.”