“Let me share to you my wonderful experience in taking Dok Alternatibo products and formula that really strengthens my health.”

“I am Ursula Pascual, 60 years old, from Malolos, Bulacan.  I suffered many illnesses in my body; I have hemorrhoids, body pain, high level of uric acid, and eye problem. I heard Dok Alternatibo on radio veritas. During that time I am in the state of recovery after my operation. I learned that there are many benefits we can get from Dok Alternatibo products and formula. I have texted the staff of Malolos branch informing them about my situation that I have gone an operation and I ask them if I’ll still relieve from my illness.”

“Then I went to Malolos branch and Dok Marie checked me up and told me that I need to attend the seminar. So I attended the seminar and I learned many things from it like; the kind of food we should eat and not to eat, and the reasons why people become sick. I also availed the free health counseling during the seminar, and I learned that I have a symptom in kidney problem, heart problem, and lung disease. So, I was advised to undergo Cleansing Program and Intravenous vitamin C therapy.”

“Although I suffered financial problem but still I manage to find ways that I can avail the combo cleansing package. Somebody helped me in my finances for cleansing formula and I thank for it. I finished the 7 days cleansing, I experienced healing crisis but I was able to overcome with it. And the healing effects are really amazing! In the second week, the restoration process makes me feel better and my body system is getting better. The third week, the flushing process is a little bit harder because I only drink juices and vegetables. Bur I never felt weak and I loses my weight so it has a great relevance on me because there are many things that changes myself positively. In the fourth week, I proved that cleansing is very effective. Now my health is totally refreshed and I am totally cured. I am already now aware of the foods I intake to maintain my good health.”

“I encourage everyone to try Dok Alternatibo formula because it really healed different illnesses. The advocacy of Dok Ed is very important and it is God’s blessings. We should take care of our health.”