“I joined Dok Ed’s Rejuvenation Treatment and Coaching Program for my health but the result was more than what I expected. The chronic hoarseness of my voice was the main reason why I joined the program. I have been to a lot of medical specialists but to no avail. There are lots of antibiotic but my throat problem remained and it just got worse. I was afraid to lose my job because of my health problems. So, when I heard of Rejuvenation Treatment and Coaching Program in an instant I decided to enroll myself including my wife. I had fatty liver, pneumonia, and my eating pattern was really unhealthy but now, everything in my life and health changed. There are unlimited herbs and natural solutions here in RTCP. I was able to control my diet here and I learned discipline. The pains in my legs, throat and whole body were gone. I felt lighter and certainly healed. The staffs are great and the services are very beyond satisfactory. The manner of this program’s healing is so incredible. Dok Ed heals the body, mind and spirit. The best thing is the psychological healing. My attitude and emotion before were negative like murmuring, easily angered, envy, and I took for granted my faith in God. Dok Ed coached me how to be a master of APPRECIATION and INSPIRATION. I really thank God for the forgiveness, release of pain and the change in my attitude. I will forever treasure this coaching program or for a lifetime. This is a God-given gift for all who suffer in their health, finances and emotions”

— Jovencio Bullecer, Iligan City