“From one’s loaded with disease, now have been freed!”

“Indeed, when the experience is associated with something valuable, surely real pleasure is attainable. This has become my motto when this turn of events passed into my life.”

“I am Mary Grace Delibo, 29 years old, from Digos City, Davao del Sur. I was also like them who have longed real satisfaction in their entire life. But long before, according to research, this has been deprived since new technologies have come into existence. It enters into the arena of our life where everyone is ignorant about it. What I’m talking about is the total opposite of what is acceptable in our society- the conventional way of medication.”

“The turning point began when I experienced the difference of Rejuvenation Treatment Program of Dok Alternatibo. To fully expound all about what had transpired, this is my story.”

“As a person deprived of complete knowledge about natural way of healing, it’s insignificant for me to value these things. Thus, chain reaction of diseases has developed over a long period of time. Started from minor abuses on eating and drinking habit plus the effect of overwork, it grew to a certain point where my body can helplessly survive that even self-recovery alone cannot contain to do so. And as I was growing up filled with this mindset, I’ve come across different types of diseases covering from anemia which caused weakness and dizziness due to overwork, urinary incontinence that caused insomnia and gastritis accumulated with gas pain all over my body.”

“But more so, when an unexpected negative event, (a great tragedy for me) struck me down, my heart greatly felt loss and disappointed that added the feeling of insecurity within. From then on, I felt like nobody with any hope to gain at all. And my negative response to this had weakened my emotions more. These are the ones controlling my body that weakens my immune system Hence, I became a victim of illnesses for so long that put all my wishes, plans and ambition to failure.”

“But from the moment I finally decided to have a physical breakthrough, I have gained momentum into becoming a healthy person. However, I’ve had enough of it but I have nothing to do with it.”

“But thanks to the man behind Dok Alternatibo’s success for the innovation he produced called Rejuvenation Treatment Program. This is designed to change the course not only of physical but also financial and emotional life from having a negative perspective into a positive one.”

“During 7 days of treatment at Prime Hotel, a lot of services have been offered with its health benefits. Its primary benefits are to enjoy unlimited healthy foods and drinks to boost your immune system and to ward off the cause of diseases. Its services are not limited to internal medication only; it includes massage and laughter therapy, physical workout like Zumba, sand bathing and mind games plus the Subconscious Reprogramming and Emotional Release that can change your life. And lastly is the meditation that strengthens your belief system to God who is the Greatest Physician.”

“Through Dok Ed’s ideals, my horizon became bigger and wider. It has made me who I am today; a person with more strength in physical, emotional, mental and financial well-being to be more used for the advancement of his advocacy.”

“Like me, you can have it also so that together, we can be a person free of diseases today!!!”