“Let me share to you my wonderful experience in natural healing here at Dok Alternatibo that makes me perfectly healthy…”

“I am Merlisa C. Arpilleda, 50 years old, from Pagadian City. I am a businesswoman. I have skin allergy and so I decided to undergo Rejuvenation Treatment Program with the Vitamin C Infusion package. The effect of Vitamin C in our body is revitalizing because I noticed that I was energized and my skin allergy has gradually disappeared. I never felt tired for the whole day.”

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“On the other hand, Rejuvenation Treatment is also very effective in healing diseases. It would keep us physically healthy and it also helps us in our emotional problems because I believe that the thing that triggered my illness is stress. But what is nice here is that it is a stress-free environment. They really helped me to be stress-free and my body was cooperating that’s why I am relieved from my suffered illness. Actually I was rejuvenated before with the many diseases I have like breast cyst, myoma and eye problem. I was totally freed from those diseases and I am so thankful about it. But now I am here again with my skin allergy, and I was not disappointed because besides that my knowledge was enhanced, I was also healed of course with the help of Vitamin C Infusion. It is really effective and I never regret that I am here again for another treatment.”

“I love the daily activities like play therapy, art therapy, and others and I am enjoying it. I also like the meditation because I felt closer to God. I really appreciated the Rejuvenation Treatment process and formula. I love also the nutritious foods that had served. So, I am encouraging everyone to try Dok Alternatibo because you will be healed and pampered well here. I will really miss this place and the people here because I can’t compare and exchange them to others with regards to the service they’ve given to us, also the care and the accommodation they had rendered are incomparable.”

“I would like to give thanks first to God because I believe it is His will. Then thank you to Dok Ed for helping me and other people healed our diseases, and thanks to his family who supported him. Thank you so much to all of you who facilitated the Rejuvenation Program. I am now happy and healthy.”