“Let me share to you my unforgettable experience in natural healing at Dok Alternatibo.”

“I am Esther Garzon, 68 years old, from Cabadbaran City, Agusan del Norte. I am under graduate with the course of Bachelor of Science in Commerce. But I was able to work efficiently with my past working experiences, and I even worked abroad at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. But as I grow older my body seemed giving up. I suffered different illnesses like kidney problem and cataract.”

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“I never knew about Dok Alternatibo. My sister told me about it as she heard it on radio and she advised me to find Dok Alternatibo clinic at San Franz. So I was determined to find it and thank God I’d reached San Franz branch and they accommodated me well. The Doktor in-charge checked me up and she put few drops of Magnesium Ascorbate under my tongue and as I travel to Butuan my body pains were amazingly disappeared. That’s why I decided to undergo Cleansing Program. Within the treatment, I experienced the healing crisis. In the 3 days of taking the formula the pains in my body have gone, the swelling of my body also has gone and the yellowish color of my skin started to become normal. And after 1 week I went to the clinic again for follow up check up and I am getting better. My cataract was also relieved with the help of Eyesolution and I don’t need an operation anymore.”

“Since then I take the products of Dok Alternatibo and continue the cleansing formula, and I decided to become a member. After 1 month, I went to the medical doctor and consulted him about my illness, and surprisingly the doctor told me my kidney is clean and no problem at all, even my cataract was healed. I am very grateful listening what the doctor revealed to me. So after that I began selling the products and helping a lot of people to undergo the Cleansing Program so that they will also be healed like me. I share the blessings I had.”

“Actually, I already helped my family and friends by introducing them this natural kind of healing. There are already few people I helped with the Cleansing Program and they are totally healed. I am sharing to every people I’ve met about my recovery here in Dok Alternatibo and convince them to try the products and treatment too which are very effective. And wherever place I go I always communicated with the staff of the branch and they are entertaining well every patient I referred to them.”

“Today, I am here at Digos City to undergo the training for employment because Dok Ed has entrusted me to supervise the new branch that will be opening soon at Cabadbaran City. At first, I disregard it because of my age as 68 I was thinking that I am not capable to handle the job that has offered to me. But Dok Ed insisted me to handle it and Dok Marjen encouraged me to continue the training. So, I decided to finish this training I started because I want to learn more knowledge so that I can also impart this knowledge to other people. And I thank God for this answered prayer and a very big opportunity that has given to me. Thank you so much Dok Ed!”