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“I am Voileda Choresca, 68 years old from P-16 Poblacion, Nabunturan,  Comval Province and I am a retired Teacher.  My friend told me about Dok Alternatibo alternative medicines and the same person had brought me here because she often go here in your clinic and shared to me all the updates about her health recovery.”   “I maintained synthetic drugs for my High Blood since 1980.

I remember my general check-up of some hospital in Manila. The first drug they gave me is Calcibloc, then Neobloc thus; I maintained those medicines for the last 30 years, later did I know that I am maintaining my high blood condition for that long period of time. But things are turning alright since I came here in Dok Alternatibo. I was taught to stop my maintenance drugs but continuously take Dok Alternatibo’s formula and I am testifying now for I really stop taking my synthetic medicines.”

“I already spent huge amount of money for my maintenance because that should be everyday and shall not have a missed. My doctor told me not to skip even a single dose.”

“After I took my cleansing program for a week, I felt much better, I am not taking my synthetic drugs anymore, and I know I am fine now. My Blood Pressure is stable now. If I felt stressed, I took a rest and drop magnesium ascorbate under my tongue and it makes me feel better.”    

“My message to everyone is that you come and try the formula of Dok Alternatibo because I can assure you that your maintenance drugs will be immediately stopped. You will be taught how to cut your disease/s and how to maintain the truth and good health.”   “I am very much thankful most specially to Dok Ed who invented all Dok Alternatibo products, all his amazing products which contained natural elements from plants and does not give any side effects. Therefore, I encourage you all to come by to your nearest Dok Alternatibo clinic not only to witness the effectiveness of their products but also to learn more the knowledge about the health, about natural way of healing.”

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