Victoria Blaco

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“I’m concerned with my Goiter, High Cholesterol, my knee problem, my Asthma and High Blood Sugar level. I was confined because of my high Cholesterol and my Doctor said that I am prone to Stroke. I was confined in the Hospital for 4 days and that’s the reason why I have more Medicines to maintain for all my Illnesses. The time came; I felt that my stomach will bloat because of the medicines that I’ve taken.”

“There was a time that my friend Carmen Frudente invited me to join one of the seminar of Dok Ed, and it was Dok Ed who was the speaker at that time. I tried only for the respect of my friend; I don’t have the intention to undergo any of their medication. When I listened to people who shared their stories, in my mind I felt that, maybe it’s not fact, but when I listened more, It comes in my mind that maybe there is Truth behind what their talking about, and I’ve seen on my surroundings that they are in old age but they are very energetic, so I said that I’m younger than the people surrounds me but I am weaker than them.”

“I said to myself that, why not try the Cleansing. Then I tried cleansing, after that, I am afraid to stop my maintenance because I have a lot of maintenance to take, I have 4 for my Heart, to lower my Cholesterol, Blood Sugar and uric acid, also for my Goiter, that’s why I’m afraid to stop taking those medicines but I dare to stop all of them. Then after 4 days I felt healed, but I am tired to prepare but the only tip is you have to be ready of all the ingredients in able to not feel tired to finish the cleansing.”

“After Four days, there are good changes in my body until I fished the 7 days of cleansing, though I’m not totally healed, but it gently healed me, before when I walked down the Stairs, I walked down alternate, but now I can manage to walked down continuously not like before I walked down one by one. So there was healing and it is continuous. It is not like totally or instant like coffee but it slowly, always and also it corrects your body.”

“I have tried also these to my children who suffered from food poison, also my son who is a Registered Nurse but I beg him that all of those medicines that you’ve taken did not gave you cure, so you must try what I tried. Then he tried and it gives healing to what he felt. I will continuously use these whenever I suffered from nasal congestion or my Grandsons will suffer form illness I only used it.”

“To all that have never been tried, you just have to believe, these is what we need, because even though you’ve taken those medicines but you have no belief that you will cure on what you’ve taken, then nothing will happen. It’s your choice but for me there was healing.”

“I am Victoria Blanco Residing at IER Face 2, Cagayan de Oro City, im 55 years old but feeling 35.”