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“It’s been a long time that I am a diabetic person almost 13 years to count. I was confined last year 1999 because of high blood and sugar, I maintained synthetic medicines for 13 years already but nothing actually happened I just keep on coming back to the Doctor and I observed that my urine was blurred and smells bad, sometimes there are even pus and the Doctor told me that it has a lot of pus because it’s too blurry and it smell so stinky. There are even substances in my urine that maybe it is the indication that I have a problem in my kidney this may led why my eyesight became unclear and the specialist told me that I will be blind soon if my blood sugar will be consistent in becoming high that is why I was truly alarmed.”

“When I heard about DokAlternatibo over the radio it was during the time when I could not sleep well even for two days. I have so many scars in my body because I feel so itchy even in my private part it is so itchy inside even if you’d pour or wash warm water the itch will not subside that is why when I heard from the specialist that I will be blind soon I was really scared and came here and then I started. At first, I just bought coffee (Mix 10 brewed coffee) only 3 pieces because I did not have yet the money for their cleansing program. That 3 sachets I took it for 3 days and during that days I did not take any synthetic medicines for my maintenance I was just observing the effect of the coffee.”

“Before I went toDokAlternatibo my blood sugar was at 357 it decreases to 200 after drinking the coffee only for 3 days. I was really surprised that it was because of the coffee and I told myself that this is really good that is why I went back and undergone their cleansing detox program.”

“After I undergone cleansing my urine becomes clearer it seems like water already, the bad odor and fast palpitation were gone. When I am having my exercise today I could already reach up to 100 pedals in biking compared to 40 pedals before. I really feel better and the blurriness in my eyesight becomes vibrant and my body is much energized unlike before. That is why I am truly amazed here in DokAlternatibo for those who could hear my voice and watch this come here in DokAlternatibo where you could achieve total and natural health restoration.”

“I am Mrs.PaulitoParaiso from Novaliches, 72 years old.”