Dok F Products


DOK ALTERNATIBO, one of the biggest and progressive corporations in the field of Traditional Medicine is now known not only in the Philippines but also in the entire world. 

Dok Alternatibo simply duplicated from a single outlet in Davao City to seventy two (72) branches at present in almost all major cities and provinces in the Philippines with a growling desire and effort to expand. It may be not easy to duplicate your business into 80 times in 8 years yet, it is possible.

In 8 years time, subsidiary businesses and charitable foundations were born: Dok Alternatibo Herbal Products, Dok Alternatibo Demo Farm, Prime Hotel, Prime Restaurant, Payo Dok Alternatibo Manufacturing Corporation, Prime Broadcasting Network, Dok Alternatibo Research and Development Foundation Inc., 1ASAPPP Movement, and DARADFI Prime School.