“I had arthritis and my knees were always in pain. For 7 years I had hypertension, and 10 years with diabetes. Sickness can affect everything in our lives. Before these diseases, my business was doing well, but it changed now as my body became weaker, despite my drug maintenance that cost me thousands of money. When I came for Rejuvenation Treatment and Coaching Program, I stopped all my drug maintenance, but I felt better. My blood pressure became normal. I saved a lot of money when I stopped my drug maintenance. I am now looking at life’s brighter side. I realized that the more we take drugs into our system, the more we become weaker and our diseases would multiply. After Rejuvenation Treatment, I much satisfied and felt relieved. I learned a lot from Dok Ed’s Coaching. I am very inspired to live a better, healthier and wealthier life.”

– Maximo Cuyos, 65 years old, businessman from Mandaue City