“In 2013 I had a stroke and in 2014 I had kidney stones. I have undergone dialysis and consulted 2 medical doctors. Every month my synthetic drugs maintenance cost me is P10,000. Despite the enormous hospital bills, I couldn’t walk and the pains are always there. When I tried cleansing and detoxification for 2 weeks, I stopped all synthetic drugs for my kidney and hypertension. My sister told me that all these drugs can cause me more harm than cure. Our livelihood and source of income was certainly affected because of my medication. My vision was already blurry. I was also a person filled with anger and hate and easily got irritated. For 2 years that I have taken herbs and supplements from Dok Alternatibo, I was never hospitalized. In Rejuvenation Treatment and Coaching Program, I became more energized with natural food and juices that are overflowing. Dok Ed taught me control my emotions and choose happiness over hate. If I had not stopped my drug maintenance maybe I am already dead now. I can say that I owe my life in this Rejuvenation Treatment and Coaching Program.”

– Cristita Gavilaga, 64 years old from Negros Occidental