Teen years  are the crucial years of the teenagers. This is where  they engage into negative and positive surroundings   that have become their world.  This surroundings produce forces both love & hate and social activities along with vices that  shape their future . In effect, most of the teens have a common feelings of sadness  in their youth.

According to Asia’s Health, Life and Success Coach Dok Ed Delibo, “Social interaction builds confidence and gives a sense of belongingness. To give it a try is a good thing  because it gives you a choice and  good reasoning. However,  experience per se says it all and it all depends on how to interact with social groups”.

To appease the sadness, they tend to be joining  groups of people they think  it could solve  their problem  and assures  social interaction–which  comes up to a Peer Pressure.  Peer pressure is really  a part of life for everyone especially during teenage years however, it is also at  this age where the a person develop his identity  because of its  strong influence that is often in negative ways.

There has been so many reports about the good and bad effects of this teen peer pressure. Its upside although has shown outstanding results like  getting involved in positive activities, however, its  downside  has incurred a  lot of losses in  this adolescent stage.

“Why get involved on something you are not sure of?” A question raised by some  typical parents  to their  young people who once was a victim of  the effects of peer pressure. A very conservative mom says  to a growing child, “If I were you, I would not  try to get involved into peer pressure because you’ll never know what might happen and foresight is better than hindsight”.    An answer for the adventurous ones is simply only for an experience.

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