shivendracartoonriskbenefitratioanalysisclinicaltrial How  really  trusted  the clinical trial is?The question implicates some impression showing irrationality. Are there any disadvantages of this?

Clinical trial is vital to see  whether some drugs may go well or not. In some cases, human has been the subject for this tryout instead of animals because sometimes it really does  compared to rats.

According to International Business Times, “Payment to research subjects for participation in studies is considered a.. recruitment incentive,”the FDA says. “Financial incentives are most often used when health benefits to subjects are remote or nonexistent (absent). So, it’s no accident that if your participation is riskier or more inconvenient, you’ll probably get paid more”.


To get paid is quite reasonable for the participant’s financial need but not to their health. It has been said that financial incentives are  just ‘necessary’ to sweeten the deal in order to induce people to give up their free time and, in some cases, try drugs that offer no health benefits or even some risks.


What is the value of money in exchange of your health condition? And when your health is at stake, is the money enough to bring your health back? And why the money has been a front-line when the research is going to be all right? Well, this is to simply hide the truth that there is a  loophole on the medical trial so that whatever  negative outcomes may not be reported. It up to you now to answer the question above.

On the contrary, Dok Alternatibo is wired  to accomplish its mission where health is no longer a problem but a solution to solve other problem. Just remember the slogan, ‘To your body be kind, keep health in mind’ .

Why not choose Dok Alternatibo  where  its foundation lays on solid evidence?  These are the few  of  the unsurpassed  events and main beliefs   under Dok Alternatibo’s  healing program.

  • Has been in the field of natural healing for 9 years and has earned a lot of awards  including  2012 Consumers Choice Awards by  20thAsia-Pacific  Excellence Awards  Council
  • 7-days Cleansing Formula is proven safe and effective for all types of disease devoid of harsh chemicals that could surely destroy your  body
  • Expenditure  ranging 10k-150k is  a price worth paying for  the total physical and emotional recovery
  • No surgical incision, drug maintenance  or whatsoever that can lead to  form another disease
  • No traumatic experience due to uncertain medical practices and unsure drug prescription.
  • Living a disease-free and healthy lifestyle  without  any harmful side-effects of drugs
  • Foods-rich in balanced, natural ingredients  is God-made  designed for human use or consumption  whereas  purely synthesized drugs are man-made designed to  maintain if not worsen the symptom.
  • Root cause of the problem is on track and not sidetracked

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