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“The first time I experienced Hypertension my blood pressure used to be 220/100 and then the next check up I made 200/110 then 180/100 it’s the normal blood pressure for me. I was scared even my children and my whole family. I was admitted to the hospital every now and then. Many things I felt especially for my palpitation it disturbed me a lot that I could not even sleep & eat well. My body becomes weaker too and there were a lot of side effects upon drinking synthetic medicines I even had allergy, headaches, my legs were swelling and many more.”

“I need to find alternative ways. Thanks a lot to God for he used Dok Alternatibo as an instrument. When I met Dok Vince (DMNH, Davao Branch) he told me that “the help I am making, the way of Dok Alternatibo please just obey”. I followed and until now I could not feel negative feelings anymore. My palpitation does not disturb me, I could sleep well already, I feel much better, no more swelling and I feel happier.”

“Try for yourself Dok Alternatibo Products and you’ll never regret because I’ve been a loyal user from year 2009 until now. Wherever I go it is already part of my life because I refer it to my friends also and they feel better, healthier, happier and enjoying a good life because of Dok Alternatibo.”

“I am encouraging everyone to come and visit to the Clinics of Dok Alternatibo nationwide.”

“I want to say thank you to Dok Alternatibo because God made them as an instrument especially to Dok Ed Delibo & Dok Vince they were used to become an instrument to give hope to all the people like me who suffered from degenerative diseases. We should never lose hope, you’ll never regret in visiting and coming to the Dok Alternatibo Clinics nationwide. Thank you!”

“I am Mrs. Lilia Lucintales, 62 years old, widow, currently living in Sasa Davao City.”