Carmen Prudente.

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“Before, I used to maintain medicines for my hypertension for almost 7 years. I used to have a heart ischemia, high cholesterol and asthma. Thus, I used to have many illnesses inside my body. I took my maintenance medicine for my hypertension for almost 7 year. I used to have regular check up, that is why I am very obedient with the Doctor’s advice and prescription. Whenever I feel body pain I immediately proceed to my Doctor.”

“Actually, I found out about this (Dok Alternatibo) from my siblings in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, they served as my model. When they went to our home they had undergone cleansing already using Dok Alternatibo products.”

“First, I approached them negatively. I told my siblings “don’t stop your maintenance because it’s dangerous for your health, hypertension is a traitor illness”. I was so negative but I noticed that they became slim and they already stop their synthetic maintenance yet they are energetic.”

“Together with my husband, we went to Bulua (Cagayan City) to visit the outlet of Dok Alternatibo. We met Dok Soling during that time and she oriented us about the natural healing where we should stop all kinds of synthetic drugs we used to maintain. At first I was afraid and hesitant because for so many years I had maintained my synthetic medicines then I need to stop it out right away? However, I still follow the advice of Dok Soling.”

“And Yes! It brought massive changes in my health. I noticed that my body is now more energetic. Although, there’s still a little bit symptoms because sometimes I can’t avoid to eat those foods that are prohibited, but it brought a big difference unlike before. I can feel it within myself.”

“My husband before was only observing me because I was the one who use to have plenty of diseases. He noticed that physically I already possess a lot of changes. Hence, he also took the cleansing program.”

“I just wanted to say that for those people who keep on listening over the radio I encourage you to visit at Dok Alternatibo clinic here in Estrella town house.”

“I praise God, I am very thankful to God that Dok Edgar Delibo serve as an instrument for alternative medicines. We grew up in a teaching which is opposite to the truth. I attended a lot of seminars already and there is truly a difference. So I really Praise the Lord that there is somebody whom God uses as an instrument to discover traditional medicine.”

“I am Carmen Prudente, living in Reyes Subd. Bogo, Cagayan De Oro City and I’m 60 years old.