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I am Priscila Leviste I came here in DokAlternatibo Cubao Branch because for the month of September to October 2011 I felt a lot of pains in my body like hypertension that almost every or the whole week I am being confined in the hospital. I already had my thyroid exam and they already examined my eyesight and it resulted to a lot of synthetic medicines that I need to buy.After that, I noticed that I already have nodules in my neck and when I asked the Doctor they asked to me undergo biopsy because within two weeks my nodules sizes from 2cm to 3cm that is why they recommended to go for a bigger hospital.

I tried here in DokAlternatibo as I listened in their radio program in Radio Veritas (radio program in Cubao, Manila). I went here last December 9, 2011 and avail their Cleansing program, I followed all the things they asked me to do and right now I feel so much healthier because the nodules in my neck became smaller, my hypertension lower down and my hyper-acidity is now gone. My health was truly restored here in DokAlternatibo. It changes us a lot even for the lifestyle on how we eat foods we are only taking nutritious foods and already avoiding chemical-based foods. Right now I am really healthy and I even gained weight and feel much more energized in anything that I do unlike before.

That is why I am inviting everyone to try and go the nearest DokAlternatibo Clinic in your place and you will never go wrong in choosing here because DokAlternatibo is only doing greatness. Thank you.