Gil Pioquinto

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“When I was not yet following Dok Alternatibo’s way of treatment I have a lot of illnesses like High blood, heart enlargement and blurry eyesight. When I was not yet here in Dok Alternatibo I have six types of synthetic medicines that I need to take since I have lot diseases. I have medicines to take for my high blood and I was not aware that the cataract on my eyes is already on its acute stage.”

“I’ve learned about Dok Alternatibo through radio though I am a seldom listener and I have also a church mate who already undergone the treatment here in Dok Alternatibo and his is Jerry Villanueva his illness was already in stage 4 of cancer on his nasal.”

“He invited me and he stated that what happened is really a miracle and it is already his second life he said that as long as you’ll just follow the formula you will recover. I was encouraged that is why I went here, that was two years ago already and as soon as I came here I undergone the Cleansing Program right away even if I did not attended their seminar yet but they suggested me to listen and attend a seminar so that I can learned their way of treatment.”

“As I undergone their cleansing program within one (1) week time I was surprised for the first three days of my medication I experienced severe fever, body pains I could not understand my feeling because I felt dizziness. I called the office of Dok Alternatibo (Cagayan Outlet) and told them that I am going to stop the cleansing program because I was not used to this and I even left my synthetic medicines for this treatment, of course when you’re taking Cleansing Program you need to stop having your synthetic maintenance. I called Marivic (Cagayan Outlet Staff) and she encouraged me to continue because it is an indication that my body is fighting and it is already releasing the toxins on your body.”

“So I continue, when I reached four days I was amazed because all the body pains I felt was gone even the dizziness and I felt lighter it seemed like I wanted to fly because I feel so light even for my body. I was amazed also because I can see clearly already I can even read smaller letters and I like watching sunlight. I proclaim “Praise the Lord” thank you Lord because I never knew that there is only one way I could recover totally only through Cleansing Program of Dok Alternatibo.”

“One thing I can advise and suggest for those who did not try yet I am encouraging them that they should give it a try because it will be difficult to describe the feeling of relief if you did not tried it yet. As long as you’re able to follow the formula given by Dok Alternatibo where you could truly see right away after one week you can really notice good benefits to your body.”

“My message to Dok Alternatibo I am very grateful to our Almighty for giving Dok Ed the wisdom so that he could help more people and accompanied by my faith that our creator will blessed him more wisdom so that he can invent more formula and alternative medicines for complete set of recovery from food to nutrients adsorb by human body.”

“I am Gil Pioquinto, 54 years old living in Cagayan de Oro City.”