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“Last April 3 Wednesday I woke up on most probably two (2) in the morning because I need to pee but I felt dizziness where  I almost fell down, fortunately I was able to hold on. From then, I keep on sitting in our bed until the morning and drink 5 glasses of water. But I felt much worse in my stomach; I reached out for our chamber pot and started to vomit all of the water I drank.”

“After that, when the morning came and my wife learned about what I gone through she checked my blood pressure and it resulted to 190/100. Right away she told me to be dressed because we will be going to Dok Alternatibo and she insisted that it should be as soon as possible because life is much precious than money that’s why I was forced to admit here.”

“I started taking 8 capsules and drinking herbal medicines and in the evening they checked my Blood Pressure and it reached up to 220/100. It alarmed me a lot and the staffs were also worried. Friday evening they gave me therapy and on Saturday we were all amazed because my blood pressure came back to normal.”

“From 220/100 it slow down to normal and reach up to 120/80. That’s why today I extremely believe with the herbal medicines of Dok Alternatibo and their way of treatment. Because as I noticed when I was admitted to the hospital before, my blood pressure reached up to 160/90 and stayed there for three (3) weeks and when we went home my blood pressure is still 130/90 while here in Dok Alternatibo my blood pressure becomes normal within just two (2) days.”

“Before, my wife keep on asking me to listen to Dok Alternatibo program and hoped that I will be convinced with the testimonies given by their survivors because my other child wanted me to admit in the hospital, I think twice because the doctor will just keep on reminding us that there is no cure for high blood and the maintenance will be forever.”

“Since there is other way of medication that promised total healing that is why we tried here. My other child visited when I was still admitted here before and he stated that he could see into my face that my health was restored and I told him that it is not the dextrose that could actually cure us. Until 4 to 5 days of natural medication I feel much relief here than in the hospital that is why I realized that my wife was right that money can be earned but life is the most precious one.”

“There is really a big difference from my condition before even for the way I walk, I feel so healthy and much energized in having exercises every day. For those who could read, watch and listen from my testimony especially for those people who have the same condition as mine that doctors keep on telling that there will be no cure anymore DO NOT LOSE HOPE go to Dok Alternatibo or you can get more information from me cause I already gone through their cleansing program.”

“I am so thankful to Dok Alternatibo that it is being used by our GOD as an instrument in inventing and founding natural medicines from our nature. I am PELEJIO UGDAMIN, Sulop, Davao del Sur.”