“I would like to share to you my personal experience on natural healing at Dok Alternatibo

“I am Marry Jane Barrera, 41 years old, from Quezon province. My profession is hair stylist and I owned a beauty salon. With regards to my health condition before, I never felt that I have illness because I never mind it considering that I am an energetic and happy person. But then, before I reached the age of 40 I am planning to undergo general check up because as we know that if we turn into this age we are susceptible to any unexpected illness.”

“So, after two years I decided to have check up because my friend encouraged me that I have to do it and she will accompany me. Then, after my general check-up last April 7 I learned that I have a serious illness, I was diagnosed of having a cervical cancer stage 3. Actually, I never felt anything like pain physically and mentally, it seemed nothing at all. I am feeling healthy until such time that I was diagnosed that I am having a cancer. And I really feel down when I learned about it.”

“Basically, I accepted right away that I have an illness although it feels depressing. And before I decided to undergo Rejuvenation Treatment Program, I was scheduled to undergo radiotherapy for 28 days but I need to have a CT scan first. According to the medical doctor, I just need to follow the treatment that I need to do in order to relieve. However, I refuse to undergo such treatment because I chose Dok Alternatibo Rejuvenation Program.”

“I was inspired by my closest friend who was also healed at Dok Alternatibo. So, I attended the seminar and avail the products for 3 years already. Since I have a beauty salon business, I used health care treatments like shampoo and scalp care and I enjoy using it with my customers. When I have learned that I have cervical cancer, my friend accompanies me at Lopez branch and they advised me to undergo first Cleansing Program. So, I follow the cleansing formula but I want a treatment that there’s somebody who will care me. So they advised me to undergo Rejuvenation Treatment.”

“So I went to Digos City and joined Rejuvenation Program. There are many things that had changed in my life since I am here and I am very well pampered here with the services. There are many adjustments I’ve made like the way I eat, but I already used to it since I am taking Cleansing formula and I learned to love it. My lifestyle has really changed and I am feeling better, I really enjoy it.”

“I am very grateful that God used Dok Alternatibo as an instrument in healing different illnesses like the total recovery I had. Positive outlook is a great thing to help us obtain the things we really want in life. I never mind the money I’ve spent but the most important to me is the healing that I will get through this natural treatment.’

“It is a wonderful experience, a holistic healing that really fells better inside my heart. I am very much happy in this kind of treatment. The natural way of healing is really great and effective. I can feel the love and concern of the rejuvenation team or staff. The foods are organic and natural.”

“I am very thankful to Dok Alternatibo that I am totally healed. Thank you also to Dok Ed because he is really a blessing to us. And I am thankful to God because I am really enjoying in life and He never takes me for granted. He still gives me a chance to let me realize the true meaning of life.”