“My health is devastating until I found the natural healing miracle. This is my story…”

“I am Mrs. Erlinda Pontual, 51 years old, from Labangon, Cebu. I heard about Dok Alternatibo on radio, and I also heard it from my co-teacher. She invited me to join Dok Alternatibo and I agreed since I have hypertension and diabetes and I believe that I will be healed through natural healing.”

“In the year 2012, I supposed to be going to Regional Press Conference but the doctor restricted me to go because it is hazardous on my part. That’s why I wasn’t able to come because of my illness. Then, I consulted my health to the medical doctor and he prescribed 15 capsules everyday as maintenance of my illness. I have taken it for almost 8 months, but my friends told me that my kidney will be affected if I continue my medicine intake. So I stopped the drug maintenance and I replace it with water. Then I do physical exercise everyday like biking.”

“Then later on my friend Lorna brought me at Dok Alternatibo branch, and the doctor in-charge recommended me for Cleansing Treatment. So I undergo cleansing for 7 days. I experienced healing crisis, but the result is amazing. I am healed and I can sleep well. My bowel movement also becomes normal. The cleansing capsules and other products helped me a lot for my recovery. Thanks God because my blood pressure becomes normal and I am really feeling better now. I also change my eating habits to maintain my good health.”

“I would like to tell Dok Ed that thank you so much for being an instrument to extend the advocacy of natural healing.  And I thank God that He gave him the wisdom to share this to all the people in the world in order to be healed like me. God bless us all!!”