“Bear with me as I share to you my most wonderful experience in natural healing at Dok Alternatibo.”

“I am Linameah Ricarte, 35 yearl old, from Glan, Sarangani Province. I worked as Sales Executive at Dubai. Before I came here at Dok Alternatibo, I felt very stressful mentally, emotionally, and financially. I have a lot of problems to think about that’s why I am feeling weak. So I decided to visit Dok Alternatibo because I believe that I will feel better here.”

“Last February, I was diagnosed to have breast cancer stage 2. Actually, I noticed it last year that there is lump in my left breast. But when we consulted it to a medical doctor he said it’s normal. This year, I’ve gone all the laboratory tests like mammogram, CT scan, biopsy, bone scan, and ultrasound, and the result confirmed that I have tumor or breast cancer stage 2. Basically that triggers my emotional problem and a lot of worries.”

“Then I’ve learned about Dok Alternatibo and I decided to undergo Rejuvenation Treatment Program. I wanted to feel the relief of my suffered illness. I chose alternative way of healing because I believe that it is safe and effective. And I learned many things here, like changing the negative thoughts into positive one. I learned also that happiness is contagious. I watch the CD’s and I’m very much happy learning from it. I felt no regrets.”

“I will recommend to other people these herbal medicines and treatment that I take to let them know the true healing that I experienced here. It is very helpful even to those who never suffered illness because prevention is better than cure. If you invest for your health there is no money wasted, and I think this is the best investment I made in my whole life. The money if lost can be found again but the health if lost you can do nothing about it but lost your life too. So, make up your mind for a long-time investment which is your good health.”

“For my treatment here in Prime Hotel, I like the environment because the people or staffs are very friendly and accommodating. My spirit has lifted up. The foods are great although I made adjustment, but the fact is vegetables, fruits, and root crops are healthy to eat. My lifestyle was totally changed, and I am feeling better now. I am happy and healthy!”

“I am thankful to God because He enlightens me in this early stage about my illness. He gave me the idea about the best cure I have to undergo with. Thank you also to Dok Ed for the great help he extended me and to the people who need to be treated.”