“I had kidney failure and was about to undergo dialysis. I turned down dialysis and prayed hard to God that I may find healing. I never lost my faith until I learned about Dok Alternatibo’s Rejuvenation and Treatment Coaching Program. My cousin convinced me about this program and I tried it. I had difficulty in walking but after I tried Dok Alternatibo products, I became so well and active. In just 3 days, I really felt my body’s recovery, I can now walk, and felt revitalized. My appetite came back too. I also had hypertension before, but since I joined Dok Alternatibo, my blood pressure became normal. Until I returned to my old habit of eating unhealthy food. My son brought me to the hospital and the doctor made me maintain insulin and I became weaker. Now that I stopped medications, I felt alive and well. Our goodness will surely come back to us. That is one factor in achieving holistic healing. Without Dok Ed, I might be dead by now. I thank you so much”

– Esterlina Alcuzar, 67 years old from Tupi, South Cotabato