Amelia Bacasmas picture

“Let me share to you my unforgettable experience in natural healing that had changed my life…”

“I am Amelia Bacasmas, 51 years old, from Pagadian City. I am a plain housewife. I have breast cancer and I was about to go to Cebu for medical treatment. But my friend told me about Dok Alternatibo and he asked me if I want to undergo natural therapy? That if I don’t want an operation which has no assurance of a total recovery. So I was really interested and very eager to learn about Dok Alternatibo with such kind of treatment because I still want to live longer and I believe that herbal products have no negative side effects on my health. “

“I decided to visit Dok Alternatibo Pagadian branch and I learned about the whole information I wanted to know about the natural therapy. The doctor in-charge helped me to be enrolled at Rejuvenation Treatment Program and I was grateful to them. I was interested to come here at Prime Hotel, Digos City and joined this wonderful treatment.”

“I’ve learned many things here like the right eating habits and positive outlook in life. I’m feeling better now, my life was changed. Actually, I was in Malaysia when I felt sick and I had undergone some laboratory tests like x-ray and ultrasound and the doctor called me for the result and was ready for the treatment. But my daughter told me that I must go home here at Philippines to find another options to help me live longer.”

“I believe that Dok Alternatibo used by God as an instrument to heal my illness. When I arrived here I was very weak, but now I am truly healthy and happy in just few days. With the help also of Vitamin C Infusion the pains and itchiness on my skin were disappeared. Now, I observed that my breast has no lump and pains anymore and I really feel better.”

“I never regret the money I invested here for my health because every cent worth it. I really appreciated the kind of treatment here, unlike the medical operation that if your breasts will be removed and relieved, there’s no reason for you to be confident because the side effects will complicate into the different organs of your body and it will damaged your system. And to think that we have only one life so we must value it. Faith in God is also very important in healing our illness. Claim it to God that you will be healed”

“I am encouraging everyone who also suffered an illness that joined Dok Alternatibo Rejuvenation Treatment Program so that you will also be healed like me. I will assure you that you will have a total recovery and you will be happy! Don’t rely on medical doctors because besides that you have no assurance of healing, the treatment is also very expensive. So if you want to live longer you must try to rejuvenate yourself here at Dok Alternatibo.”

“I am so grateful to God because He guided my path towards here. Thank you also to Dok Ed and to his staff in helping me healed my illness. Life is so wonderful at Dok Alternatibo. I am now happy and healthy!!”