Renilda Camposo

“Bear with me as I share with you my amazing experience in natural healing…”

“I am Renilda Camposo, 54 years old, from General Santos City. I suffered illness; I have a blurred vision. I already consulted 3 medical doctors; the first doctor told me I just need to wear eyeglasses. Then the second and third doctor diagnosed me of having glaucoma and I need to be operated but I refused to undergo operation and I’m seeking for another option.”

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“Then my church mate advised me to use herbal treatment. She told us about her mother who also once had glaucoma but healed through Cleansing Formula and she maintained taking spirulina. So, it reminded me such kind of natural healing since my husband has also undergone herbal therapy; Rejuvenation Treatment Program of Dok Alternatibo. That’s why I met again Dok Tess because she is the one who detected my eye problem before. Actually, I already undergone Cleansing Program but it’s just that I failed to continue the formula because of financial problem. Dok Tess advised me then to undergo Rejuvenation Treatment Program for me to be totally healed.”

“So, I decided to undergo Rejuvenation Program and now I am getting better. Before, I experienced severe headache and I can’t sleep well. But because of this herbal therapy the pains were all gone although my vision is still slightly blurred but I know that it will be going brighter, I just need to continue to take the formula and follow the right eating habits. I thank God because I am healed not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually. I am happy that I decided to be treated here at Dok Alternatibo and refused the eye operation.”

“I encourage everyone who has also illnesses that you must undergo Rejuvenation Treatment Program and Vitamin C Infusion so that you will also be healed like me. I will guarantee you that it is very effective. If you choose medical treatment I’ll tell you there’s a big difference from herbal treatment because here in Dok Alternatibo you will have a total recovery with all your illnesses in just 7-days unlike the medical treatment that only focuses one illness and it is in fact not safe.”

“I really appreciated the Rejuvenation Treatment because I feel the changes in my life. I am like a queen here who was cared and served well. I am grateful with all the staff for their nice services. Thank you to Dok Tess Montoya for all the advices you have shared. Thank you also to Dok Beth, Dok Tess and especially to Dok Ed. Hope God will continue to give them more strength to help more people.”