“Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2 and have undergone 26 sessions of chemotherapy. After that, there’s another cyst near the affected area then I had to undergo another operation. The medical doctor told me that I have to try radiation therapy. I sought another remedy so I tried Rejuvenation Treatment and Coaching Program because an acquaintance told us about Dok Alternatibo. Chemotherapy destroyed my body and our finances. It was so frustrating and depressing because after all the expenses, cure is still elusive. My heart was affected and my feet became numb with chemotherapy’s side-effects. I couldn’t walk straight. When I was diagnosed with cancer I was really hopeless and had no choice. I became weaker and still unhealthy. I grew tired with my medication. In Rejuvenation Treatment and Coaching Program, I was changed. The food was very different yet so natural. The numbness of my feet was gone and my metabolism became normal. The experience made me feel light and well. Dok Ed is number 1. He is very convincing and reliable when it comes to natural healing. His coaching is very comprehensive. This program saves lives and this is so complete. Rejuvenation Treatment helps us in spiritual, physical and emotional aspects. Dok Ed is very generous in sharing the gifts for wellness.
Liza Polloso, 58 years old from Quezon City